Individual lash extensions & volume eyelash extensions in Ibiza & Formentera.

Belleza Natural specialise in mobile beauty in Ibiza all year round: individual semi permanent eyelash extensions & Russian volume lash extensions.


The Lash Story:

Rose, the owner of Belleza Natural, is a beauty junkie based in Ibiza all year round. An eyelash extension extraordinaire, (as well as brow artist); she's sailed ship from London to Ibiza to save lives - one lash at a time. She was trained by the world's leading lash schools: Flirties & Eyelash Emporium; and she's constantly learning new techniques to provide the best eyelashes. She is also fully qualified to do Russian Volume lashes. 100% mink lashes, always using the highest quality products from Eyelash Emporium & Flirties. The lashes are always perfectly applied, pain free and no damage is made to your own natural lash. Belleza Natural use only the highest quality products and mink extensions, which are super soft and weightless, with a variety of lengths, curls and thicknesses for a bespoke look. Belleza Natural take as much time as needed for each client, making sure that clients are 100% satisfied.