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Hybrid Lash Extensions - The Lowdown

Hybrid lash extensions are the latest buzzword for lash technicians, lets find out why!

There’s been a lot of interest (and confusion) about the hybrid lash extensions - so I thought I would take the time to clarify what they are, and whether it’s as glam or as natural as you need. They’re super popular; and for all the right reasons!


So before I go into hybrid’s, it’s good to understand a bit of lash terminology first.

Individual lash extensions are the classic technique, with one lash extension placed on one natural lash. As with all the techniques (the individuals, volumes and hybrids), there are various lengths, curls, and thicknesses for a bespoke look to work with your eye shape and natural lashes.

The volume lash extensions, also known as Russian volume, are multiple extensions, from 2-6 extensions, on one natural lash. You might have heard the term 3D lashes - this would mean 3 extensions on one natural lash. 2D is 2 extensions on one lash, 4D is 4 extensions, etc etc… These volume lashes are ultra thin, and weigh the same amount as an individual lash extension. So cause no extra weight.

So now onto hybrid, hoorah! Hybrid lash extensions are a 50/50 mix, half individual 1 to 1 classic extensions, and the other half volume lash extensions.

Hybrid lash extensions give the best of both volume and individuals - offering a denser, thicker look than the individuals, but a less uniformed and softer look that is achieved with volumes.

Hybrid's are great for clients who have natural gaps or fine lashes - as the volumes can hide these sparse areas you may have. At Belleza Natural, your natural lashes are always taken into consideration when deciding the best look and style for you - knowing what your natural lashes can support so you continue to have healthy happy lashes all the time :) No need for breaks!

You could go for a staggered, spikey look (often known as the Kim Karsadhian look) or go for a shorter more natural whispy set. Here’s an example of a hybrid set I’ve done recently.

Love from Belleza Natural x


Belleza Natural eyelash extensions - featured in Marie Claire!

So pleased that Belleza Natural's eyelash extensions are featured in Marie Claire's Ibiza special. Check out the article and find out the best hot spots on the island for your next Ibiza holiday. Nice that they also include Destino Ibiza as a go to destination, I couldn't agree more and I'm so pleased that I also do eyelash extensions at this beautiful resort. From the gorgeous pool, stunning treatment rooms, amazing day parties and of course eyelash extensions by moi - Destino is a must. 



Belleza Natural loves.... Thu Nguyen.

Thu Nguyen - Hair & Make up artist Ibiza

Thu is a mobile hair and make up artist and offers a perfect styling for every occasion, originally from Munich she is based in Ibiza all year. Experienced in Weddings, photo shoots, hen parties, party make up and much more...

Offering various looks for make-up stylings, from natural to glam - for all occasions. She gives her best to fulfil the clients every wish. Thu knows that every woman is unique and gets a bespoke styling according to her wishes.



How to keep your eyelash extensions clean


If you've had eyelash extensions before, you'll be familiar with the aftercare of not getting the lashes wet for 24 hours. But some people take this advice a little too far, and don't get them wet at all ever - gross!

Some people may notice a build up of gunk (dead skin, old make up, oils) on their lash line - then of course this needs to be cleaned. Clogged lashes can be unhygienic. Also, if the lashes are not clean when you arrive for your next lash appointment - the technician will spend more time cleaning them which eats into your precious extension application time. Dirty lashes can potentially create a shorter life of extensions as oils build up on the lashes causing them to fall out sooner.

So how should you keep your lashes clean... It's usually ok to clean the lashes just with water. Oil free eye make up remover is great to remove make up also. Just be sure to not use cotton wall buds or face wipes - the fibres will pull at the eyelash extensions. Also face wipes are full of oils. I recommend using a Q Tip (ear bud) that's damp with water, and gently stroke along the lash line.

It could be useful to use baby shampoo and lukewarm water if you notice you need to clean your lash line more thoroughly. With your finger tips, work the foam right into the lash line, rinse, pat dry and allow your lashes to dry naturally. 

All these methods can be incorporated into your daily skincare routing. If you're in the shower, try to avoid putting your face directly under the shower stream.

Clean your lashes every day or every second day, and be sure they're squeaky clean before your next lash appointment. Simple and quick ways to keep those lashes healthy and the eyelash extensions lasting for longer.