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Hybrid Lash Extensions - The Lowdown

Hybrid lash extensions are the latest buzzword for lash technicians, lets find out why!

There’s been a lot of interest (and confusion) about the hybrid lash extensions - so I thought I would take the time to clarify what they are, and whether it’s as glam or as natural as you need. They’re super popular; and for all the right reasons!


So before I go into hybrid’s, it’s good to understand a bit of lash terminology first.

Individual lash extensions are the classic technique, with one lash extension placed on one natural lash. As with all the techniques (the individuals, volumes and hybrids), there are various lengths, curls, and thicknesses for a bespoke look to work with your eye shape and natural lashes.

The volume lash extensions, also known as Russian volume, are multiple extensions, from 2-6 extensions, on one natural lash. You might have heard the term 3D lashes - this would mean 3 extensions on one natural lash. 2D is 2 extensions on one lash, 4D is 4 extensions, etc etc… These volume lashes are ultra thin, and weigh the same amount as an individual lash extension. So cause no extra weight.

So now onto hybrid, hoorah! Hybrid lash extensions are a 50/50 mix, half individual 1 to 1 classic extensions, and the other half volume lash extensions.

Hybrid lash extensions give the best of both volume and individuals - offering a denser, thicker look than the individuals, but a less uniformed and softer look that is achieved with volumes.

Hybrid's are great for clients who have natural gaps or fine lashes - as the volumes can hide these sparse areas you may have. At Belleza Natural, your natural lashes are always taken into consideration when deciding the best look and style for you - knowing what your natural lashes can support so you continue to have healthy happy lashes all the time :) No need for breaks!

You could go for a staggered, spikey look (often known as the Kim Karsadhian look) or go for a shorter more natural whispy set. Here’s an example of a hybrid set I’ve done recently.

Love from Belleza Natural x