Booking Policy


When booking an appointment, we will require your full name and contact number. For new lash extension sets, or brows, please arrive on time (allow sufficient time for parking). Please do not bring friends or children with you to your appointments.


Cancellation Policy

If you have to cancel or change your appointment, please do so ASAP. We need at least 24 hours notice. This ensures that we can offer your appointment time to somebody else.

Failure to give us less than 24 hours notice of a cancellation or reschedule will result in a 50& upfront payment for your next infill.

We also send a confirmation text and/or email the day prior to your booking. If we do not receive a confirmation from you the day of your appointment, your slot may be given to another client.

Arriving Late

Your appointment time is meant especially for you. If you are late, we may have to cut your treatment short so it does not affect the next client.

Remove make up

For lash extension services, please remove all eye makeup with an oil-free remover or mild soap prior to your appointment.

Don’t come sick

Because your lash artist is so close to your face throughout the lashing process, avoid coming in with a raging illness. If you cancel and reschedule in time, your lash artist will understand. If it’s absolutely necessary to get your lashes done, wear a medical mask to stop germs from spreading.

Shower before

Not only does showering before your lash appointment ensure that you smell super fresh while in proximity with your lash artist, it shows you can follow the after-care instructions. Any lash die-hard knows how critical it is not to get your extensions wet after application. It will make your lashes last longer and show your lash artist you really appreciate their work.


Your lash artists won’t be able to achieve your dream lashes unless you tell them what you’re envisioning! Tell them if your prefer long, short, full or natural lashes. Make sure to listen to their opinion as well. They are the experts and will know if a desired look is damaging to your lashes.