Belleza Natural Eyelash Extension Techniques & Bespoke Styles:

Eyelash extensions are low maintenance and long lasting; ranging in style from subtle to glam. Clinically proven to boost your confidence. 100% mink synthetic lash extensions - super soft and weightless, with a variety of lengths, curls and thicknesses for a bespoke look.

Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions

Perfect for a more subtle and natural look with individual eyelash extensions applied to your natural lash one by one. 100% mink lashes, only using the highest quality products from Eyelash Emporium and Flirties. For longer thicker, curlier lashes. Lasting 4-6 weeks.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

The newest technique in eyelash extensions: 2D-6D! Volume lashes added 2-6x the volume in your lashes by applying multiple feather-like extensions onto one lash.

Infills / Touch Ups

Recommended every 2-3 weeks.

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Shorter extensions are applied towards the inner most area of the eyes and a combination of long and short extensions are applied throughout the middle and outer sections of the eyes to enhance the lashes with a more natural, elegant look


Outer areas of the eyes are highlighted to give the appearance of larger eyes.


Shorter extensions are applied towards the inner most area of the eyes and the outer most area are the eyes are elongated with longer lashes for a dramatic, sexy look.


Shorter extensions are applied overall with an emphasis on the outer corners of the eyes for a deep set, attractive look.